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The Doctor Who Years

Whether you sat as a timid six year old in 1963 scrambling in fear from the first sight of a Dalek or were in your mid-twenties and it was March 2005 when you first came into contact with the programme, Doctor Who means a lot of things to a lot of people. Which means trying distil 50 years into a 45 minute mixtape taking in every Doctor, era and assorted Rill would be a very foolish idea indeed.

Hi, The TATP Years, have we met? Hang on, we’re regenerating…

Who's On First


Hand-picked by Tim Worthington and Ben Baker and mixed by the latter, The Doctor Who Years is less a comprehensive guide to the series and more everything else that comes with such a televisual phenomenon – an audio scrapbook of the awkward kids TV interview appearances, spurious tie-in promotions, parodies, spin-offs, fan involvement, Blue Peter moments, charitable contributions and of course, acres upon space acres of musical tributes to the show, its theme and stars. Some good, some frankly bloody awful but all of it makes up the fantastic and fantastical world of Doctor Who. We wouldn’t have it any other way…

Just a sample of some of the shows currently available. Everything from Beatles to Betty Boo, Chris Morris to the Copacabana...

The TATP Years is a regular home-brew take on “the rock and roll years” style shows mopping up some of the music, TV, film, news stories and ephemera that more high minded programmes might miss. We’ve done three series and several specials, all of which can be found be clicking here.

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Oh and in case you’re wondering why its 45 minutes and not 50, the other five minutes should be filled with the second half of this (but just the bits with Jon Pertwee being a knob):

1976 With Ben and Tim

“Hello and I am a Bill Grundys and why not say ‘piss’ to the Queen you dirty punk men, goodnight and Its Kevin (Sundays, BBC2. 10:30pm)”. Yes this was the quote on the lips of all schoolchildren back in ’76 where this newfangled ‘the punk’ jostled with the last gasps of glam and the rise of disco, swearing Pete and Duds, sexy denims, Johns of different sizes, swapping with Noel, bloody Rick Dees and the lost connection between Alf Stewart from Home and Away and “The Year Of The Cat”. Oh and this bloke…

Tom's putting the alt tags in now.


In this programme, Ben Baker and Tim Worthington talk about all things 1976 over the top of our original mix (which you can find here), the final episode in series 2 of The TATP Years. Weirdly when we recorded this it was during the first post-S*vile arrests before seemingly the whole of the seventies was being put on trial. Thus one of Ben‘s comments becomes oddly prescient. And we don’t mean the one about Disco Duck

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1964 with Ben and Tim

Fab, groovy, some Ringos etc. Back to the sixties for TATP‘s hardy time travellers Ben Baker and Tim Worthington all the way from the future where men are living in domed communities and flying around on robot William Hartnells. 1964 seems like it could be quite a dull, old farty year, but far from it, as pop, rock, psych, jazz, garage, soul and whatever the frig One Way Pendulum is.

1964 With Ben and Tim


In today’s show we learn who was the 27th Beatle, how possibly not to pronounce Cal Tjader, Arthur C Clarke seemingly invents Twitter, which woman desperately needs AN EGG, we shuffle quickly past terrifying Shakin’ Stevens-centric Motown revival, who had a fight with legendary manager Don Arden, investigating Beatles that isn’t Beatles, when the Daleks confused shipping and the BBC got to banning, what its like to live in Liverpool home of the loveable moptops and why this led someone to have a fight with a bus, David Bowie gets revenge, “preverts”, BBC2 launches in a blaze of silence and then troubling mild racism, we get all gooey over Anthony Newley and we spend most of our time promoting other podcasts we’ve done. We’re ace us.


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The TATP Years: 1966

“Here is a box, a musical box, wound up and ready to play. But this box can hide a secret inside. Can you guess what is in it today ?” Oh, its The TATP Years with an all new mixtape of TV, news, film, comedy, adverts and of course the music of 1966. Some of the world was psychedelic and groovy whilst many others were still happily sat in their Parker Knoll authentic imitation armchairs with pie and chips watching Batman and David Frost on their monochrome tellies. Not together, although that would’ve been amazing, obviously…



There’s music from an incredibly varied bunch including Love, The Isley Brothers, Anthony Newley and Delia Derbyshire, The Vogues, Jeff Beck, The Monkees, James and Bobby Purify, The London Jazz Four, Judy Street, Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood, The Creation, The Beach Boys, The Left Banke and more!

TV, radio and film comes from Camberwick Green, Batman: The Movie, Our Man Flint, Alfie, Kenny Everett, Carry On Screaming, Wild Angels, Doctor Who, Peter Cook and Dudley Moore, Georgy Girl, The Frost Report,  Jonathan Miller’s Alice In Wonderland, Bill Cosby and The Monkees (again).

The TATP Years is a monthly podcast throughout 2013 to give each mix a bit more time in the sun and offer something nice to look forward to. You can get them all from the TATP site itself or via iTunes *here* and if you think we’re the sort of mixtape monkeys you’d like to share with the world, please consider giving us a nice review and rating so other decent souls with excellent taste in podcast nonsense might find their way here too. Thank you!

The TATP Years: 1985

Welcome, welcome, welcome home to T-A-T-P!

So put down that inferior podcast and set fire to all copies of Derek and TATP has return for 2013 and what better start than the return of our most popular show – The TATP Years.

For those who are unfamiliar  its our own version of the old BBC show “The Rock N Roll Years” devoted to music and clips that would never make “The Rock N Roll Years”. Offering up a taste of as much from each year as possible, the first episode of series 3 looks at the year 1985 with pop, rock, dance, indie, hip hop and whatever the hell Doctor In Distress is meant to be…



Music comes from Propaganda, Big Audio Dynamite, Eighth Wonder, Dead Or Alive, The Dukes Of Stratosphear, Debarge, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Redbox, The Smiths, Scritti Polliti and…Willy Rushton?!

Plus clippage from Grange Hill, Eastenders, Girls On Top, Gary Davies, Back To The Future, Live Aid, Smith and Jones, Crazy Like A Fox, Brazil, The Supergrass, Saturday Superstore, Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, Victoria Wood: As Seen On TV, Neighbours, Doctor Who and the early days of Phillip Schofield in the Broom Cupboard.

From now, The TATP Years with be a monthly podcast allowing more exposure to each mix and something nice to look forward to throughout 2013. You can get them all from the TATP site itself or via iTunes *here* and if you think we’re the sort of mixtape monkeys you’d like to share with the world, please consider giving us a nice review and rating so other decent souls with excellent taste in podcast nonsense might find their way here too. Thank you!

TATP Years: One Small Step For 1969

More memories of memories past as The TATP Years hits 1969, with additional commentary companion by Space Ben Baker and Moon Tim Worthington (In Space).


Download: The TATP Years – 1969

Get yourself ready for forty five minutes of Moon Landing mayhem with Monty Python’s Flying Circus, David Bowie, Jethro Tull, Syd Barrett, Randall And Hopkirk (Deceased), Clangers, Bill Oddie, The Upsetters, Badfinger, Chigley, Nick Drake, The Dave Pike Set, Doctor Who, Kasenatz-Katz Singing Orchestral Circus, Frank Zappa, The Secret Service, Colosseum, The Magic Christian, The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, The Bed Sitting Room, Alf Garnett, ‘Dinners’ McCartney, Topo D. Bil, Tommy James & The Shondells, Edwin Starr, The Equals, Mary, Mungo, Midge, Dave Lee Travis On The Moon, and what to do if you’ve got a burst pipe and are so useless at dealing with it that even the voiceover man gives you grief. “Well done Sir! What a pity you let it happen in the first place…”

Commentary: Talkin’ 1969

Tim Worthington and Ben Baker discuss 1969 – a year when you might have seen Neil Armstrong dancing the Moon Charleston on top of a Moon Flagpole! What was the murderer man from No Country For Old Men doing on the front of a bubblegum pop LP? When is a Joe Cocker not a Joe Cocker? What is the only boring Nick Drake song? Find out all this and more in Talkin’ 1969!

Tomorrow: 1988! And Bros…?

TATP Years: (Shakedown) 1979

Our re-run of series one of The TATP Years, our free download 45 minute mixtape of music, movies and mumphus continues with 1979. Joining the original mix is Ben Baker and Tim Worthington‘s special commentary companion – new to the site – talking over the original mix with anecdotage, things that didn’t make it into the final show and THAT THATCHER.


Download: The TATP Years – 1979

1979 may be the best collage of clips yet with a ridiculous amount of great music available from the likes of The B-52s, Japan, The Selecter, Gary Numan, XTC, Joy Division, Elvis Costello and The Attractions, The Human League, Nick Lowe, The Specials, Buggles and even Sir Cliff himself.

Plus there’s TV with Not The Nine O’Clock News, Shoestring, Tiswas, Doctor Who, The Kenny Everett Video Show, Minder and End Of Part One. Films like Quadrophenia, Alien, The Jerk and Monty Python’s Life Of Brian!

Commentary: Talkin’ 1979

Tim Worthington and Ben Baker chat about the pop cultural nonsense of the year that brought us Margaret Thatcher and Gideon (TV Goose). How can you tell if it’s the start or the end of an episode of Blankety Blank? What has been scientifically proven to cause Ashen-Facedness in children? Which ska band have never changed their footwear? Find out all this, and more, in Talkin’ 1979!