The TATP Annual 2014

Picture the scene. Its Christmas Day, you’ve unwrapped all your big presents – a Murdersman Wifi Blast Shooter 3000, signed copy of Thatcher‘s autobiography and the life-size cutout of Ken from One Direction doing a face – but you know there’s always one special extra treat still to come – the annual. But which to choose from – the old school comic capers of The Buffty or perhaps a TV tie-in of that thing you stopped watching three months ago…but wait…there’s one more…

Wizard wheezes, festive factuals and a bit where Fatty Fudge's tongue comes out about six times in one panel.


A jam-packed audio compendium of games, stories, music, poetry, noises and adventure from all your favourite TATP pals. And Phil. Including special mini-episodes of our flagship programmes Box Set Go, Fun With Egos and New Chart Riot, plus a tune from Patch Kelly, poems from Sarah Thomasin, the devious “Festive Forgeries” quiz, a paint by numbers (?), revisiting the greatest telly Christmas of all time and even an introduction from our special Editor-In-Mash, Sir Alan Potato.

If you’ve never heard any of our stuff before, consider this an all under one roof pocket introduction. This is the result of many hours of hard work, editing, writing and recording so please help us spread the word. You can subscribe to this and all of TATP’s podcasts via iTunes which you can find linked – here – and if you like our stuff, we’d be incredibly grateful for a comment or rating so that we can spread our noise across the universe. We can be found on Facebook here and Twitter at this other here.

Featuring Box Set Go's tribute to A Charlie Brown Christmas.

All work copyright their prospective authors with thanks. All incidental music taken from the superb Incompetech site, home of genius Kevin Macleod and his huge catalogue of Creative Commons licensed tunes. It made a very hard edit job just that little bit less stressful.

Thank you to all of our listeners, be they brand new or seasoned pros in our special kind of nonsense. Its a labour of love that actually costs us to make but we love doing it and hope you’ll agree its worth it. Quite a bit planned for 2014 but that’s seven plum duffs, twelve chocolate currencies and a festive goose away yet. Have a fantastic Christmas and a Happy New Year! - Ben and everyone at TATP.