A Very Merry Box Set Special For You At Christmas

"Hi pals! Darlene's up next!"

“Christmas box that sound with the real sound of hooves on the roof and jingling bells everywhere.”

What can it all mean? That’s right! I’ve had a breakdown but before they cart me away to St Miranda’s Hospice For The Criminally Criminal, I’ve just enough time to listen to the Box Set Go Christmas Special, which is all about A Christmas Gift For You, the 1963 holiday staple that has been the backbone to many a festive event since its release fifty years ago.

Ben Baker and Tim Worthington are your guides to this wonderful but troubled release attempting to claw it back from just being “that Christmas record by the bloke who done murdered someone”. We’ll learn the genesis of how the groups came together, remember the short-lived Ronettes remake of Porridge, try to forget “Snoopy’s Christmas”, debate the pointlessness of a “Marshmallow World”, ponder the “Back To Mono” campaign and just who the sodding crikey Bob B Soxx and the Blue Jeans actually were. Plus mentions for Larry The Lamb, Brian Wilson, Bob Rivers, Simon Mayo, them Beatles, David Letterman and many more.


And who am I you ask? Why I’m The Ghost Of Christmas Past. And definitely not Ben Baker wearing a white sheet over his head and running round drunk at 3 o’clock in the morning. No. But if I was I’d definitely wish you a merry Christmas and invite you to enjoy the entire TATP back catalogue on this site or via iTunes. And if you want to leave us a present in return, a rating or review on there would be very helpful in bringing new people into our Marshmallow World of Twist. Thank you and enjoy!

Which is creepier? You decide! And then drink to immediately forget!