The Doctor Who Years

Whether you sat as a timid six year old in 1963 scrambling in fear from the first sight of a Dalek or were in your mid-twenties and it was March 2005 when you first came into contact with the programme, Doctor Who means a lot of things to a lot of people. Which means trying distil 50 years into a 45 minute mixtape taking in every Doctor, era and assorted Rill would be a very foolish idea indeed.

Hi, The TATP Years, have we met? Hang on, we’re regenerating…

Who's On First


Hand-picked by Tim Worthington and Ben Baker and mixed by the latter, The Doctor Who Years is less a comprehensive guide to the series and more everything else that comes with such a televisual phenomenon – an audio scrapbook of the awkward kids TV interview appearances, spurious tie-in promotions, parodies, spin-offs, fan involvement, Blue Peter moments, charitable contributions and of course, acres upon space acres of musical tributes to the show, its theme and stars. Some good, some frankly bloody awful but all of it makes up the fantastic and fantastical world of Doctor Who. We wouldn’t have it any other way…

Just a sample of some of the shows currently available. Everything from Beatles to Betty Boo, Chris Morris to the Copacabana...

The TATP Years is a regular home-brew take on “the rock and roll years” style shows mopping up some of the music, TV, film, news stories and ephemera that more high minded programmes might miss. We’ve done three series and several specials, all of which can be found be clicking here.

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Oh and in case you’re wondering why its 45 minutes and not 50, the other five minutes should be filled with the second half of this (but just the bits with Jon Pertwee being a knob):