Box Set Go: This Is Easy

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Presenting “Box Set Go”, you handy cut out and ‘don’t-actually-cut-out-because-its-audio’ guide to your new favourite albums as Tim Worthington talks Ben Baker through six records no collection should be without.

Easy! Easy! Easy!

Box Set Go, the podcast that does theme nights for the albums that BBC4 won’t, is up to ‘C’ For Compilation – and so Tim Worthington and Ben Baker are turning their attention to This Is Easy, 1996′s 2CD attempt to surf the velvet-jacketed waves of the all-too-brief Easy Listening revival, featuring such leopard print luminaries as Burt Bacharach, Tony Hatch, Henry Mancini, Esquivel, Ron Grainer, Sergio Mendes and, erm, Count Indigo.

Along the way we’ll be talking about how to get a roomful of hipsters jiving to the Panorama theme, Tony Christie’s pre-Peter Kay revival, French pop music’s ability to buy you friends, how Chris Evans ruined everything, why Jack Jones can fuck off, how we could have done Tony Ferrino better than Steve Coogan, what any of this has to do with Richard Herring playing the Pink Panther Chase Game, and who in the name of sanity Count Indigo actually was.

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