The TATP Years: 1990

After a short summer break to tend to our respective allotments, Steam sale purchases and pies, series 3 of TATP‘s unique take on the “Rock N Roll Years” continues back with another 45 minute mix of music and clips from a specific era. So get your Global Hypercolour T-shirt out of the bin, pin your Findus Crispy Pancakes boxes to the wall, invite your family and friends round for a small Poll Tax riot and punch Scally the Dog off CITV in the snout as we remind ourselves of the highs and lows of 1990. T’ra Thatch!



Music is supplied by the diverse likes of The Beloved, Betty Boo (see above…sloo!), LFO, Happy Mondays, Inspiral Carpets, They Might Be Giants, Jimmy Somerville, Guru Josh, Northside, MC Tunes vs 808 State, The Pixies, My Bloody Valentine, The KLF, Dee-Lite and Britain’s Top Light Entertainer, Vic Reeves who also spearheads the clippage with his Big Night Out.

Plus snippets from Home Alone, One Foot in the Grave, Clive Anderson Talks Back, The Jonathan Ross Radio Show (wth Victor Lewis Smith), Press Gang, Up Yer News with “TV Chris Morris”, The 8:15 From Manchester, Jeeves and Wooster, Gremlins 2: The New Batch, Cop Rock exists!, The Crystal Maze, a trail for the brand new Harry Enfield’s Television Programme, Cry Baby with a youthful Johnny Depp, Samantha’s Sunday Night Party, Ghost, CITV sci-fi nonsense Kappatoo, Tremors, Dream On, Mary Whitehouse Experience spin-off Rob and Dave’s Comedy Phone In, a big lad named Tank eats some crisps and something very special from an animated New Kids On The Block.

And its all made entirely from girders.

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