Summer Smash And Pals: Week 4

Can it really be the end of summer already? Well, no. (Yes for viewers in Scotland.) But  that the sun is fading fast and the ‘back to school’ adverts are out in full on the TV. Actually, they’ve been on since July 1st but regardless, its time to pack up your suitcase, put away the suncream and stop pretending you’re reading Descartes on your Kindle when we all know its really been the novelization of Bean: The Ultimate Disaster Movie.

But wallow in the sunset with some wonderful company as the final SUMMER SMASH thirty-minute mixtape drifts through your ears like some sort of shell and that. And who better to smooth the journey into September than the tanned tunesmithery and telly triumphs of Gruff Rhys, The Travoltas, California Fever, Brigitte Bardot, Adam Buxton, Beulah, Jonathan Coulton, Georgie Fame, José Feliciano, Danny Baker, Francoise Hardy and a very special holiday finale!



Before we head onto that jetplane home and then immediately to the doctors to have that worrying rash looked at, there’s time for one final visit to the gang all the way from over there – Tim Worthington, Phil Catterall and Ben Baker – as they discuss going back to school, wondering whatever happened to Robinson Crusoe, catching “California Fever” and hoping to God there’s a cure, Radio 1′s special summer schedules of the past, the life and times of Big Jim Sullivan and what to do on a bank holiday in London. In 1949.

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Cheer up, it’ll be Christmas in a minute…


With special thanks to Steve Williams.