Summer Smash And Pals: Week 3

# summer lovin’ / happened so fast / summer lovin’ / something ’bout bast / something something / fell down a well / oh those summmmm-mmm-mmm-ing nightsssssssss…….

Thus sang Olivia-Newton-John-Travolta in hit film “Battlefield Greece” back in the real nineteen fifties and its a words today that have never been as accurate as they were then. Probably. That’s because this week’s third free Summer Smash mix is dedicated to when the sun starts to fade, the music starts to rise and bored office workers from Rhyl get touched up by disinterested serving staff round the back of the bins.



For those not interested in leaving the country for sunnier shores, there’s the lure of the Edinburgh festival with its heady selection of incessant flyerers, expensive lager drinks and massed Richard Herrings. No matter how you spend your summer nights, the new mix has something for everyone. Unless you go work on a kibbutz, then you’re on your own.

Today’s smash contains a medically proven mix of Kenickie, Serge Gainsbourg, Sparks, Lee and Herring, Sly And The Family Stone, Phil Pope, The Lovin’ Spoonful, Marty Feldman, Ray Conniff, Captain Birdseye, Pink Floyd, Chris Morris, Silver Sun, Andy Crane, Velvet Crush, the only album you’ll need (in July 1995 containing hardly anything from the last two decades) and the late Paul Shane rocking it up with his Yellowcoats. Heaven must be a smashing place right now. All those knobbly knees contests…


And when you’ve heard that, click along to a third trip to the Why Wont You? shed as Tim, Ben and Phil discuss holiday chalets vs concentration camps, potentially embarrassing yourself in front of members of your favourite late 90s girl group, the Churchill dog’s erotic musical past, the summer of “Bloasis“, why no-one should attend a “Summer Chart Party“, what was good at the Edinburgh Festival (in 1994) and lots more gravel funnies for you and your own gang!


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