1976 With Ben and Tim

“Hello and I am a Bill Grundys and why not say ‘piss’ to the Queen you dirty punk men, goodnight and Its Kevin (Sundays, BBC2. 10:30pm)”. Yes this was the quote on the lips of all schoolchildren back in ’76 where this newfangled ‘the punk’ jostled with the last gasps of glam and the rise of disco, swearing Pete and Duds, sexy denims, Johns of different sizes, swapping with Noel, bloody Rick Dees and the lost connection between Alf Stewart from Home and Away and “The Year Of The Cat”. Oh and this bloke…

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In this programme, Ben Baker and Tim Worthington talk about all things 1976 over the top of our original mix (which you can find here), the final episode in series 2 of The TATP Years. Weirdly when we recorded this it was during the first post-S*vile arrests before seemingly the whole of the seventies was being put on trial. Thus one of Ben‘s comments becomes oddly prescient. And we don’t mean the one about Disco Duck

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