The TATP Years: 1978

Some years are relatively straightforward with a clear arc story – the moon landings, Thatcher becoming PM, Bruno Brookes interviewing Bros in a bin etc – but some have so much going on musically, cinematically and televisual that they seem a little schizophrenic for it. And then you try and boil that down to 45 minutes of clips, tracks and highlights in a continual mix.

1978 was a tough mix to do because every track I included meant I couldn’t include something equally brilliant – be it indie, rock, soul, reggae, funk or The King’s Singers – but hopefully you’ll be head over school trousers with what has made it. Just be careful on that wall…oh….



Music in 1978 can be found from Squeeze, Funkadelic, Jilted John, Boney M, Buzzcocks, Steel Pulse, Tom Robinson Band, Althea and Donna, The Rutles, The Only Ones and even Barry Manilow, whilst clip-wise we’ve got stuff from Grange Hill, An Audience With Jasper Carrott, The Amazing Spider-Man, Scully’s New Years Eve, The Androids Of Tara, Chorlton and The Wheelies, The Wiz, Dawn Of the Dead, Debbie Does Dallas, Animal House, Kenny Everett Video Show, Cloppa Castle, The Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy, The Moon Stallion, The Body In Question, Taxi and *some* more!

The TATP Years is a monthly podcast throughout 2013 to give each mix a bit more time in the sun and offer something nice to look forward to. You can get them all from the TATP site itself or via iTunes *here* and if you think we’re the sort of mixtape monkeys you’d like to share with the world, please consider giving us a nice review and rating so other decent souls with excellent taste in podcast nonsense might find their way here too. Thank you!