1964 with Ben and Tim

Fab, groovy, some Ringos etc. Back to the sixties for TATP‘s hardy time travellers Ben Baker and Tim Worthington all the way from the future where men are living in domed communities and flying around on robot William Hartnells. 1964 seems like it could be quite a dull, old farty year, but far from it, as pop, rock, psych, jazz, garage, soul and whatever the frig One Way Pendulum is.

1964 With Ben and Tim


In today’s show we learn who was the 27th Beatle, how possibly not to pronounce Cal Tjader, Arthur C Clarke seemingly invents Twitter, which woman desperately needs AN EGG, we shuffle quickly past terrifying Shakin’ Stevens-centric Motown revival, who had a fight with legendary manager Don Arden, investigating Beatles that isn’t Beatles, when the Daleks confused shipping and the BBC got to banning, what its like to live in Liverpool home of the loveable moptops and why this led someone to have a fight with a bus, David Bowie gets revenge, “preverts”, BBC2 launches in a blaze of silence and then troubling mild racism, we get all gooey over Anthony Newley and we spend most of our time promoting other podcasts we’ve done. We’re ace us.


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