The Ben Baker Music Show: Four

New Music Show for you. You were always my best one.


Songs this week from TV21, My Little Pony (not that one), Red Box, The Freshies, Frank Sidebottom, Not ACDC, Amy Claro and The Plimptons.

Plus: UKIP Funnies, Ray Moore Mania, a typical Saturday night in 1975, The Lotus Eaters get big headed, Bob Dylan launches a complaint, why Die Hard is the best anything ever and much much some a bit more.


My Little Pony are now sensibly called Making Marks and you can find lots of their terrific stuff at this link: http://makingmarks.bandcamp.com/

Being Frank: The Chris Sievey Story‘s Kickstarter page is up and well worth a few of your quid (you know it is, it really is): http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/126673955/being-frank-the-chris-sievey-story

Amy Claro has her debut album out now and very recommended it is too: http://www.amyclaro.com

The Plimptons were originally most of The Hector Collectors as played in show 1. They split up last month sadly but left a rather joyful back catalogue and a handy new best of: http://theplimptons.bandcamp.com/