1982 With Ben and Tim

What was your favourite thing about 1982? The Cut Price Comedy Show? Or maybe it was…oh, it actually was The Cut Price Comedy Show? I’ll stop then. Also: Here’s another commentary companion to our 1982 TATP Years mix (here if you haven’t heard it) with Ben Baker and Tim Worthington discussing what made the running list and the many things that didn’t.



Learn all about the secret lyrics to the Channel 4 ident theme, who wrote potentially the first hit written on ecstasy,  the mystery of Ted Moult, who’s catchphrase will always be “in ere, John” whether he likes it or not, a surprising lack of sniggering at the phrase “sucked off into the vortex”, our favourite Comic Strip Presents films, why David Letterman‘s schtick never quite worked in the UK, the utter joy of bleakness with Japan‘s “Ghosts” and the desperately unsettling Britannia Hospital, the weird brace of short-lived Indiana Jones rip-offs, the really old bloke from The Beat, Not The Boiler, misunderstanding “Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid” as a child, bloody fucking WeekEnding, the wonder of The Hard, the Madness single you never hear and much much more besides!

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