A Hello Selection

On the off-chance you might be new to TATP, hello and welcome to our world of pop culture, low culture, no culture and Smiley Culture who sang “Police Officer” back in 1984. Speaking of 1984, we have a 45 minute mixtape featuring music, film, TV, comedy, adverts and general ephemera that would never make it into a real “Rock N Roll Years” memory lane of memorable memories style show. Its part of our series “The TATP Years” which you can find the first two series of at this link here.


Our other main audio-only show at the moment is “New Chart Riot” in which Ben Baker and Phil Catterall try to make sense of the world around their early 30s balding heads via charts, top tens and spurious data. Series 3 started in February and proves to be as inane and borderline offensive as the previous two. You can find all of them here, although for starters we recommend “Dog Taco Lederhosen” and “Never Say Die”.

We also have two ongoing video podcast shows with A Question Of Bins where Ben and Tim Worthington play along with game shows of old and  We Are Not Playing Airwolf, in which the TATP team play a selection of usually Spectrum and C64 tie-ins to bizarre things. The first series is about strange TV spin-off games and has so far included Thunderbirds, Pop Quiz and the strangest of all, Benny Hill’s Computer Knicker Stealing Super Fun Times Adventure Game. Or Something.

There’s also plenty of one-offs, seasonal and summer specials, guest appearances and general nonsense which you can find via the links at the top of the page. Hope you enjoy the strange trivia-obsessed world of TATP. If it seems your sort of thing you can subscribe via iTunes *here* or let us know what you thought over on our Twitter feed @TATPLovesYou.