A Question Of Bins: Telly Addicts (Part One)

Its Monday at 7pm (well, it is when we’re posting this anyway) and that for a long time meant only one thing – Telly Addicts is on! Originally running on BBC1 between 1985 and 1998, Noel Edmonds‘ telly quiz was a perfect treat for all the family dredging up interesting clips from the archives at a time where such things were rare and exciting.

So where does TATP come into all this? Well, here is part of one of a pilot for a new series in which your pals media analysts, bon viveurs and All-Star 100m Parky Haters, Ben Baker and Tim Worthington play along with a quiz show from the past, whilst casting their TV Squash style comedic eyes at the sweaters, sofas and silky beards of an earlier age.

In this first show we look at a 1989 episode of Telly Addicts with the competing teams The Mullards Vs The Jamescordenses. Probably. (Part two at the same time tomorrow)

WARNING: Some bad language is used throughout. Mostly aimed at Parky if we’re honest…

Let us know if what you think via our iTunes *here*, our Twitter feed or scrawled onto the back of Ricky Gervais’ torn flesh. ITV TELETHON ’90 FOR VEEP!