New Chart Ireland

Not content with offending every single one of Welsh followers (hi Justin!) with our St David’s Day spectacular last week, we’ve decided to do it all again ["we", Baker? - Phil] with the Irish population – what could possibly go wrong? Oh right, that. Well, lets crack along with it anyway…



In this troubling edition, we learn about what some random website thinks are the most important Irish contributions to the World, Tracy Chapman‘s badly localized hits, why Phil needs to ration apostrophes, which accents the Irish voice beat out on another random website’s poll, where a woman’s heart traditionally isn’t, what might make Robert Smith from The Cure happy, how child Ben won a contest at Blackpool’s Winter Gardens, why the Polynesians have reason to loathe online casinos, which animated character is DEFINITELY NOT A SEX OFFENDER and an anecdote Phil tells which he considers to be humourous and heartwarming but Ben finds explains quite a lot of about his psychological make-up. Paddy O’Potatoes insists!

If you like either or are just one of the few people who aren’t deeply offended by our idiocy, please share the link about if you would. And if you liked it, let us know via iTunes *here*, our Twitter feed or not Semtex. [Oh God, Baaaaakeeeerrrrr! - Phil] Also: tell us where you’re from. And how offended you are. Its a lot, isn’t it?