1972 With Ben And Tim

*plays Thames ident theme*


Another commentary companion to The TATP Years series 2 (the original un-muttered over version is here) with Ben Baker and Tim Worthington discussing our selections for 1972 plus much, much other stuff along the way.


Learn what the original theme to 1972 was, why Alice Cooper is better than you probably remembered, which Michael Caine film always gets forgotten, the rise and rise of them Paul McCartneys, we listen to Not Paul Weller, a time is had remembering the finest facial fur of the decade, when Roy Woods Attack, Glam Goose does not apply, the sick pornographic filth that was Fingerbobs, the classic Ferry Vs Mouse, F court case of the day, find out how not to lose yer bird at the beach, John Craven‘s ludicrous demands, find out who likes to rock and who likes to roll, one of the many reasons T Rex are better than One Direction,  the mystical adventures of the little heard full Rainbow theme, uncle Fronk, Brucie and the filthy secret words to “Sweet Gingerbread Man”. Oh, and Ben mentions his Dad’s penis.

Plus all the songs and clips that didn’t make the final edit. I’M A DR WHO!!!

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