New Chart Oscars

BOOM! And they’re back! What do you mean “who?” and also “why are you in my house?” Well, as you asked so kindly and we’ve cut the phone lines, we of course mean our resident confused men in their early 30s whose idea of a good night out is being inside – Mr Ben Baker and Mr Phil Catterall.

The first of this third series of themed special is devoted to something that’s already long over by the time you read this – the 1612th Academy Awards in beautiful downtown America, USA. Topicality means very little to us at New Chart Riot though as regular listeners will all be too aware of. In this opener, we look at the most successful Oscar winners ever, those who did nothing after winning a Best Actor or Actress trophy and Listverse‘s incredibly spurious but somehow incredibly fitting for us “Worst Oscar Winning Films Ever”.



Along the way you’ll find out which 1933 musical you should be the most angry about for no reason, there’s some Citizen Kane apathy, we work out how many Oscar winners are in Transformers The Movie, which actor picks film projects based on “racism and ghosts”, when Charlie Sheens ruled the Earth, we especially ruin Chinatown while you wait, Phil picks the Oscar winner with the best Commodore 64 adaptation, learn which one of us doesn’t get the Lord Of The Rings phenomenon (clue: its Ben), the Ragu puppets will kill again, the rise and rise and RISE of Ridiculous Nicolas Cage and how you can fund our EXTREME new gravy related projects.

Its all here in a packed 50 minute bumper length New Chart Riot!

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