1997 With Ben And Tim

Hot (read: about a year) on the trail of our first run comes series 2 of “Ben and Tim On…”, special 50 minute audio commentary companions to accompany the second lot of The TATP Years. Don’t worry if you haven’t heard them as they work stand-alone. Consider them our guide to each year, along with reasons for choosing what we did and the many items that didn’t make each mixtape.

First up is 1997 in which we discuss the rise and fall of Chris Evans, how Lancelot Link Secret Chimp became involved with Princess Diana‘s death, the tragic tale of Denim, why Channel 5 was almost good (but then wasn’t), Belle and Sebastian‘s quest for glory, our not so secret love for Spice World, when The Grimleys is on, an interesting time for quirky cinema, Chris Morris when he was good, why Ant and Dec were good and other gubbins related to ’97, a big year for music, movies and telly.



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