New Chart Riot 204: A Very NCR Christmas

ncr_2xIts Christmas Eve and Ebenezer Phil Catterall is about to recieve a very special ghost, in the form of Ben Baker. Who is neither dead or a ghost, but definitely is special. In this extra-length, bumper free gift double issue of New Chart Riot, Ben and Phil learn the true meaning of whatitsface…starts with a C…Crampsis? Anyway, whatever this period is, we’re going to learn the shit out of it via three random festive charts.

Along the way we’ll discover the world’s worst advent calendar, how to tell when a dog is dead, the biggest grossing Christmas movies of all time (since 1980 anyway), what John Grisham gets up to at the festive period, which animated holiday classic Ben finds utterly – and controversially – tedious, the (alleged) ten worst Christmas songs of all time (spoiler alert: this is ridiculous), the John Ritter / Judge Reinhold personality conundrum, what Michael Dorn should do next, the Kirsty MacColl records appeal, who the inevitable star of the fourth Santa Clause film should be, the traditional festive treat of Frank Sinatra waiting outside the door, things Charles Dickens probably never shouted, the sequel they HAVE to make of Tango And Cash, East 17‘s cynical hooded evil and the “best” “Christmas” “quotes” “ever”. The latter almost certainly will involve Ben shouting the word “piss”.

Please note that due to previous commitments, this special has been recorded in July 1976.


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