Why Wont Yule 3 of 4

Jason, stop messing with that “If You See God, Tell Him” playset and go help yer father get the cyber-decorations out of the eLoft!  Oh hello listeners and welcome to week 3 of TATP‘s rundown of the days until Christmas. We call it…



Week 3 sees us putting up the decorations and tree like any normal person, watching ‘pre-Christmas limbo’ daytime TV and waiting for even the slightest bit of specially placed tinsel or baubles on Rob Curling’s “Turnabout”, find out which of us actually went carol singing and which of us always awaited delivery of a Christmas Hamper (read = a box with some corned beef in).

Plus such standard diversions as a giant robot ant, a statistical breakdown of American vs. British sitcom characters’ retrieval of decorations, how hampers are apparently like an autopsy, why a Chocolate Orange is essential to Phil‘s family Christmas tree traditions and a lot more to boot. This one gets very silly very quickly…

And if you like all this nonsense, consider giving us the greatest gift – no, not an end to suffering and decay – I’ve got six already and they’re just cluttering up the shed – but a nice review and rating on iTunes *here* so other fellow festive types with excellent taste in podcast fun might find their way to TATP. Merry Even More Nearly A Bit More Christmas!