TATP Advent Calendar: Day 10


Another day, another medley, another Beatles….wait, ANOTHER Beatles? Well, yes and no, as today’s Advent Calendar of Christmas themed fluff from the back of pop’s sofa meets the nearly Beatles – California’s finest tribute act to the Fab Four called…um, The Fab Four. Formed in 1997, the band deal in not only Beatle covers but other songs reworked into the style of Lennon, McCartney and pals.

So far they’ve released two full length records (both highly recommended by TATP) “A Fab Four Christmas: The Ultimate Beatles Tribute, Vol. 1″ and “Have Yourself a FAB-ulous Little Christmas” which take traditional festive fare and ‘mop top’ them up good style. Listen and discover for yourselves…


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External link: the Fab Four’s website