TATP Advent Calendar: Day 5

MessThe fifth day of festive funbundlement (please note: not an actual word) from Ben Baker and Tim Worthington‘s return to the “Nothing To Do With Us” advent calendar of weird, interesting and deservedly forgotten Christmas songs of the past sees Tim choosing one of the weirdest and most grating records of 1993.

According to internet’s premier “will this do?” research tool, “Rotterdam Termination Source is a Dutch gabber/hardcore group, based around the nucleus of Maurice Steenbergen, initially with Danny Scholte. The group is most famous for its minimalist 1992 single “Poing”, which topped the charts in the Netherlands and Denmark [citation needed]“…which pretty much tells you everything you need to know about the follow-up single you’re about to hear us mercifully talk over today.


Tomorrow we come face to face with a former Beatle. No, not that one. Or that one. The other one…no, the other, other one. Yep.

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