Why Wont Yule 1 of 4

Hey kids! Do you remember back in summer when your beach-avoiding pals Ben Baker, Phil Catterall and Tim Worthington remembered the holidays of their youth in a podcast called “Why Wont You?”…? No? Well, they’re back anyway – with an all-new four part series devoted to the weeks leading up to Christmas. We call it…



Week 1 looks at the first rumblings of festive feeling as we tiptoe delicately into December. The decorations aren’t up, we’re not actively listening to carols and most of our presents are lying unwrapped, and in many cases, still in the shop. But what is there can can officially announce the ‘C’ word without being overly festive too soon? Well…

We look at the tradition of Advent Calendars and the constant battle of “quality chocolate vs. character licensing”,  the hours spent in those pre-internet days rifling through the Grattan catalogue and accidentally leaving them open for anyone to see on the page with the shiniest new Gobots, trips to school fairs and whether the “bottle pull” or “Chocolate Train” were really just figments of our childish imaginations.

Plus, Tim fills us in on what “doing the Santa Dash” entails. Listeners can sponsor Tim via the link below:


And join us next week for week 2, in which our heroes visit a department store grotto, try out the festive menus in Costa and Greggs, send the odd Christmas card and maybe – just maybe – actually get round to buying a gift for somebody….