TATP Years: We Call It 1988

TATP‘s look back at its first mix series comes to an end as we reach 1988 – a year of stereo radio, brother based pop acts, big headed Kylie admirers, Terry Wogan voiced telly tots terror and a “Marby”. To help make sense of it all, download our new companion mp3 where Ben Baker and Tim Worthington talk through the year’s lesser remembered classics and those things so obscure we couldn’t even find clips of them.


Download: The TATP Years – 1988

Forty five minutes of tabloid-infuriating 1988-themed fun badly taped off the Network Chart with Thomas Dolby, Red Dwarf, Kylie Minogue, Bomb The Bass, French & Saunders, Def II, My Bloody Valentine, ITV Telethon ’88, Victor Lewis-Smith, The Adventures Of Baron Munchausen, Action Jackson, Simon Bates, Stoppit & Tidyup, D-Mob Featuring Gary Haisman, Jane Wiedlin, Comic Relief, Level 42, Blackadder, Eric B & Rakim, House Of Love, Hey Rrradio!!, License To Drive, Boys Wonder, Taja Sevelle, Playbus, Frank Sidebottom, The Go-Betweens, Jolly Roger, A Fish Called Wanda, Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach and Bros. But NOT singing. Not even the ‘Acid Mix’ of I Quit. “Here at Radio 1, you’re never more than a minute away from the next minute…”

Commentary: Talkin’ 1988

Which band are rumoured to have scuppered their career by throwing each other out of a moving van? What are the lyrics to the Comic Relief theme? How did someone who went to school with Prince inspire a war of local radio ‘Love Zone’ dedications? Find out all this and more in Talkin’ 1988!