Fun At One: The Radio One Years

We promised you a grand finale and thats exactly what you’re going to get as TATP draws to a close our broadcasts on the comedy output of Radio One. And what better way to leave than with an all new TATP Years mixtape special, cleverely entitled “The Radio One Years”.


By far the densest and most brain-melting to compile, collect and choose from, mixmaster Ben Baker and his selection-sidekick Tim Worthington have tried to get as much from the last 45 years crammed into 45 minutes from Armando Iannucci to Adrian Juste with countless sketches, trails, continuity, links, songs and nonsense in and amongst. Plus Arnold the Dog as standard.


Think of it as a rough collage of over four decades of radio rather than a slick mix with a good beat to it and contributions from the likes of Kenny Everett, John Peel, Steve Wright, Jack Jackson, Dave Lee Travis, Christopher Morris, Danny Baker, Mark Radcliffe, Vivian Stanshall, Lenny Henry, Frank Zappa, Tony Blackburn, Keith Moon, Kevin Greening, Ivor Cutler, Victor Lewis-Smith, Bruno Brookes and Noel “Tidybeard” Edmonds.

funatonecover copy

And shows such as The Mary Whitehouse Experience, Lee and Herring, Shuttleworth’s Showtime, Blue Jam, Rob and Dave’s Comedy Phone In, Alan Parker’s 29 Minutes Of Truth, My Top Ten, Star Special, Radio Tip Top, Rawlinson End, Skyman, Collins and Maconie’s Hit Parade, Mark and Lard on the Graveyard Shift and many more.

Hopefully this has whetted your appetite plenty for Tim‘s book “Fun At One”, which you can still buy from Lulu Press here. We know we’ve been a bit OTT with the pimping this week but TATP and its hours of podcasts and mixes are completely free to you lot, so when one of our number writes a genuinely fantastic tome, we’re only too pleased and proud to get behind it.

And now all wavelengths will converge before the pips at midnight. Goodbye.

Bip. Bip. Bip. Bip. Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiip.

TATP offers huge thanks to all those who made clips possible, with special thanks to Ian Greaves, Radio Rewind, Danny Baker’s Internet Treehouse, Cook’d And Bomb’d, a myriad of YouTube loons and anyone else I’ve forgotten. You’re all Tip Top!