Fun At One: Danny Baker Is Innocent

A bit of the tentative side? Not anymore!

It’s Fun At One Week here at TATP and here’s a chance to hear the second part of Ben Baker‘s chat with Tim Worthington about his new (and very reasonably priced) new book which you can buy here. Did I say “can”? No, I meant it is a law now. Buy it.

funatonecover copy

In this edition learn about:

- which comedian was actually a local radio DJ done well;
- Ben‘s ephiphany in Azad Video on the High Street;
- how Lee and Herring paved the way for a bloke in a petrol station;
- cheer which comedians suited comedy radio and which most definitely didnt;
- which radio favourite was “out on blue six” and who wanted “Slippers please“;
- what the best bit of Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer is;
- how 29 minutes will always trump 59;
- who beat Harry Enfield and Chris Morris to the punch;
- “Academia Spoils College Life: Discuss”;
- what audio treats are the Holy Grails for comedy fans;
- which American rockers didn’t even have goatee beards;
and how Brian Walden equals knackers.

Plus Tim‘s utter BEST and WORST Radio One comedy shows of all time.


With clips and reminisces of Collins and Maconie, Danny Baker, Kevin Greening, Chris Morris, Newman and Baddiel, Simon Munnery, The Tracy Brothers, Raymond Sinclair, Mark Thomas, Armando Iannucci, Victor Lewis-Smith, Lawrence From Denim, Mark Kermode, Douglas Adams, Terry Christian, Noddy Holder, Steve Wright and a Jools Holland faced woman. Also: Jools Holland.

Think you can help plug some of the gaps Tim mentions in this interview? Send him a tweet at @outonbluesix or visit his websites Out On Blue Six and the official Fun At One tie-in. And remember: this record is not available in the shops. Download it here and ask for “Bonehead”…