Talked Out

Since 2008, Talk About The Passion has been a daily blog, an irregular magazine and home to a variety of podcasts and mixes.

Its been fun, challenging, led to us becoming friends some fantastic people and occasionally been a little bit heartbreaking too. But as of today, TATP is sticking up the “GREAT NEWS INSIDE!” banner and calling it a day.

Over the past year, we have seen interest in the site slowly decrease whilst finding it hard to keep any sort of foothold in a world sodden with podcasts. Sites like Twitter and Facebook have ceased to be use in promotion of the material, which has been doubly frustrating as we believe we made a lot of our best stuff in 2013. Many early contributors have long since departed and it feels like TATP as a “thing” now carries a lot of baggage.

So its time for a clean slate. This DOES NOT mean we’re quitting the biz, Clive. We still plan to work together and have a number of ideas how to do this. But for now, we’d especially like to thank all of you contributors, readers and listeners alike for being part of our little world this past six years.

Your pals,
Ben Baker, Tim Worthington and Phil Catterall

Not pictured: Turner The Worm being sick.