Tweet Along 2: Electric Boogaloo

Ben and Tim are doing another TATP Years live tweet tonight at 8pm. Grab our 1984 mix below, then add @TATPLovesYou (Ben) and @outonbluesix (Tim) to Twitter and join in with the hashtag #tatp84 from eight onwards!

Click on me for rubber ribaldry and Morrissey mumphus! 

"Gosh. Shaky. I've got all your records!"

Don’t have Twitter? Just follow the action via this link:  https://twitter.com/search?q=%23tatp84


See you at 8pm!

Airwolf can get stuffed. #tatp84

Tweet Along: 1992

Clock. Sounds a bit like penis. TONIGHT! On Wednesday 29th January, join Ben Baker and Tim Worthington on Twitter for a live tweet along to the first TATP Years mix all about 1992. We’ll be sharing information on the tracks and the clips within along with as many oddities and anecdotes we can fit into a 140 characters. Well, actually it’ll be 134 characters as we’ll be using the hashtag #tatp92 with each message.

Ben will be tweeting from our official Twitter account: @TATPLovesYou

Tim will be tweeting from his own feed: @outonbluesix

If you’d like to join in with your own memories or questions for Ben and Tim, we’d be delighted. Simply use the #tatp92 hashtag for it to get in front of our eyes. And if you haven’t got the mp3 file we’ll be talking over, you can find it here:

Right Click, Save As on me, pals!

Its a bit like when we watch Top Of The Pops repeats on BBC Four and go “IMHO Boney M’s trousers LOL” but without the trousers. Seriously, our legs are going to be freezing by the end of it. This is a live event we wont be repeating later but we will definitely do more tweet along stuff if tonight is a success. So please get involved!

What Did You Expect From Ben Baker?

TATP‘s very own Ben Baker has got a book out, which you can buy at the following link as a paperback or PDF ebook. Its 140 pages of columns, sketches, playlets, jokes, stories, reviews, articles, sailor’s language, filth and the usual pop culture nonsense you’d expect from a TATP writer, over half of which has never been seen anywhere.  If you’ve liked Ben‘s appearances in Box Set Go or New Chart Riot, you need to get this book. And then medical help. But mainly the book thing.

book ad



And dont forget that Tim Worthington also has a Lulu page – http://www.lulu.com/shop/search.ep?contributorId=849110 -  from which you can buy the anthology “Well At Least It’ s Free” and “Fun At One”, his superb history of comedy at Radio One. Both very highly recommended and a new book will be coming later this year. Happy Reading, TATP fans!

The TATP Annual 2014

Picture the scene. Its Christmas Day, you’ve unwrapped all your big presents – a Murdersman Wifi Blast Shooter 3000, signed copy of Thatcher‘s autobiography and the life-size cutout of Ken from One Direction doing a face – but you know there’s always one special extra treat still to come – the annual. But which to choose from – the old school comic capers of The Buffty or perhaps a TV tie-in of that thing you stopped watching three months ago…but wait…there’s one more…

Wizard wheezes, festive factuals and a bit where Fatty Fudge's tongue comes out about six times in one panel.


A jam-packed audio compendium of games, stories, music, poetry, noises and adventure from all your favourite TATP pals. And Phil. Including special mini-episodes of our flagship programmes Box Set Go, Fun With Egos and New Chart Riot, plus a tune from Patch Kelly, poems from Sarah Thomasin, the devious “Festive Forgeries” quiz, a paint by numbers (?), revisiting the greatest telly Christmas of all time and even an introduction from our special Editor-In-Mash, Sir Alan Potato.

If you’ve never heard any of our stuff before, consider this an all under one roof pocket introduction. This is the result of many hours of hard work, editing, writing and recording so please help us spread the word. You can subscribe to this and all of TATP’s podcasts via iTunes which you can find linked – here – and if you like our stuff, we’d be incredibly grateful for a comment or rating so that we can spread our noise across the universe. We can be found on Facebook here and Twitter at this other here.

Featuring Box Set Go's tribute to A Charlie Brown Christmas.

All work copyright their prospective authors with thanks. All incidental music taken from the superb Incompetech site, home of genius Kevin Macleod and his huge catalogue of Creative Commons licensed tunes. It made a very hard edit job just that little bit less stressful.

Thank you to all of our listeners, be they brand new or seasoned pros in our special kind of nonsense. Its a labour of love that actually costs us to make but we love doing it and hope you’ll agree its worth it. Quite a bit planned for 2014 but that’s seven plum duffs, twelve chocolate currencies and a festive goose away yet. Have a fantastic Christmas and a Happy New Year! - Ben and everyone at TATP.

A Very Merry Box Set Special For You At Christmas

"Hi pals! Darlene's up next!"

“Christmas box that sound with the real sound of hooves on the roof and jingling bells everywhere.”

What can it all mean? That’s right! I’ve had a breakdown but before they cart me away to St Miranda’s Hospice For The Criminally Criminal, I’ve just enough time to listen to the Box Set Go Christmas Special, which is all about A Christmas Gift For You, the 1963 holiday staple that has been the backbone to many a festive event since its release fifty years ago.

Ben Baker and Tim Worthington are your guides to this wonderful but troubled release attempting to claw it back from just being “that Christmas record by the bloke who done murdered someone”. We’ll learn the genesis of how the groups came together, remember the short-lived Ronettes remake of Porridge, try to forget “Snoopy’s Christmas”, debate the pointlessness of a “Marshmallow World”, ponder the “Back To Mono” campaign and just who the sodding crikey Bob B Soxx and the Blue Jeans actually were. Plus mentions for Larry The Lamb, Brian Wilson, Bob Rivers, Simon Mayo, them Beatles, David Letterman and many more.


And who am I you ask? Why I’m The Ghost Of Christmas Past. And definitely not Ben Baker wearing a white sheet over his head and running round drunk at 3 o’clock in the morning. No. But if I was I’d definitely wish you a merry Christmas and invite you to enjoy the entire TATP back catalogue on this site or via iTunes. And if you want to leave us a present in return, a rating or review on there would be very helpful in bringing new people into our Marshmallow World of Twist. Thank you and enjoy!

Which is creepier? You decide! And then drink to immediately forget!

The TATP Selection Box – Part 4

Our final merry skip through the snowflowers (NOTE: check if this is an actual thing before publishing) before we lunge menacingly towards some new material with the last editions of “Cult Bin Advent”, “Why Wont Yule” and “Christmas In The…” programmes. So drag out your chocolate trains, throw a Cheeky Girl on the fire and lets allow ourselves to feel ever so slightly Christmassy…


“Hello! Richard Burton here…”

Here’s hoping you’ve all got your Twilight beds and “Cool It!” BluRays wrapped and under the tree. If not, why not do it now in the company of the latest – and indeed final – Cult Bin Advent with Ben Baker and Tim Worthington as they take a half hour sleigh ride through the subject of “Advent…erm…Stuff”.


What exactly is “Advent Stuff”?

Well, its  anything and everything we couldn’t fit into the previous three shows, including two radio programmes, a book and two festively-filled TV listings magazines. In and among you’ll find out what was nearly called “Baddiel’s About”, what was the most horrific Radio Times cover ever, how a Scampi’s song sounds, what fantastic pop-culture books you might like to buy, which misguided 90s indie rocker needs a career revival, what the Blue Peter team were banned from doing with Magpie‘s Mick Robinson, how many jokes Tarby‘s got this Christmas and what true rock and roll is with a chap named Cameron Ingrams.



Congratulations, you’ve got through the three weeks of slow build up and now we’re in Christmas proper and you know what that means…you can LEGALLY listen to Now The Christmas Album in full and the fuzz can’t touch you for it (even if half the people on it are presently under investigation by Operation Yewtree.) So join Ben Baker, Tim Worthington and Phil Catterall sharing two small headphones between them as they enjoy the likes of Slade in tinny barely audible quality. As well as that we’ll be taking on the big subjects, namely selection boxes, Christmas parties that seemingly only existed in 1970s sitcoms and our favourite (and most loathed) TV specials running the gamut from Community to that bloody “Miami Twice” episode of Only Fools And Horses.



And finally, here’s Tim with his final festive mixtape taking in the last two decades: “Personally speaking, the nineties was something of a blur (and indeed a Blur) of indie music and non-daytime Radio 1 shows, and that’s pretty much what you’re getting here, with the odd more recent thing thrown in for good measure.  Kicking off with the intro speech from The Coen Brothers‘ best film The Hudsucker Proxy, we’re then into a bit of a Radio 1 medley, with an extract from Chris Morris‘ recently unearthed (thanks to a reader of my book about Radio 1 comedy, Fun At One) 1990 Christmas Day show, a Festive jingle from Easy Listening boom-inspired oddity Radio Tip Top, the intro from John Shuttleworth‘s Christmas Special, the Christmas 1994 station sting, and Lee & Herring‘s introduction from their Christmas show the following year. TedXmas

Then it’s Saint Etienne and Tim Burgess with I Was Born On Christmas Day, with a bit more Radio 1 over the top courtesy of Victor Lewis-Smith. Rotterdam Termination Source‘s sinus-hurting Yuletide salutation for ravers Merry X-Mess is next, with bits from Alan Parker Urban Warrior‘s Radio 1 Christmas Special, and the unmatchable Father Ted Christmas Special A Christmassy Ted in the house piano bits, and some more from Chris Morris, this time from his 1994 Christmas show.

Long-fringed long-sleeved indie sensations Ride unsubtly rework their earlier Like A Daydream as Like A Snowflake, with some more Radio 1 business from John Shuttleworth and Chris Morris, and Peter Cook being interviewed by Ludovic Kennedy for Twelve Days Of Christmas-themed absurdist chat series A Life In Pieces. Elastica‘s Ding Dong Merrily On High rewrite All For Gloria, from a Christmas Carol-based session for Radio 1′s short-lived ‘religion is hip!’ magazine show The Big Holy 1, is followed by the no less celebratory BBC1 Christmas trailer from 1993, in which such unlikely participants as Paul Daniels, Mr Blobby and the cast of Birds Of A Feather belt out a ludicrous doo-wop number about Christmas schedules.

John Shuttleworth‘s The Christmas Orphan is next, followed – via a bit of the Futurama cast facing up to the impossibly high ‘Naughty/Nice’ standards of Robot Santa – by Pet Shop Boys‘ All Over The World, which frankly should have been the Christmas number one a couple of years back instead of that Military Wives thing.

There’s a bit of the original Have I Got News For You Christmas Special from 1991 in the middle too. Hugh Laurie causes grumpy gift-giving mayhem in one of the Christmas episodes of House, followed by The Darkness‘ tremendous Christmas Time (Don’t Let The Bells End), accompanied by a glimpse of Seinfeld‘s alternative religious festival ‘Festivus’.

It seems like a different lifetime ago, doesnt it? Literally in some cases.

Blur‘s little-heard take on a medieval carol The Wassailing Song is next, followed by Peter Serafinowicz‘ ‘Ringo Remembers’ sketch about ‘Dinners’ ruining Christmas with filth, and Spitting Image‘s The Christmas Singles, another Phil Pope-penned lament for the fact that people insist on playing Slade‘s festive opus as if it’s a perfectly listenable and perfectly harmless song that you hear once a year.

The Mike Flowers Pops‘ other Christmas single, Give Her One For Christmas, and Super Furry Animals‘ underperforming Yuletide offering The Gift That Keeps Giving, are brought together by a bit of The Santa Clause with – what else – Bernard being ‘wiseass’, and David Tennant making his Doctor Who debut in The Christmas Invasion.

Then there’s just time for one last bit of Radio 1 with Belle & Sebastian careering through The Twelve Days Of Christmas for the last ever Christmas Carol Concert at Peel Acres, Liz Lemon getting a bit bah humbug in one of the eight million Christmas episodes of 30 Rock, and the cast of Glee dreaming of a White Christmas. And on that note, Happy Christmas…!!’ thesantamantaub And if you like all this nonsense, consider giving us the greatest gift – no, not food and shelter for the entire world’s sick and poor – I had to take the last one back to Argos as it wasn’t in the colour I’d asked for – but a nice review and rating on iTunes *here* so other fellow festive types with excellent taste in podcast fun might find their way to TATP. We’ll be back with some of this very soon. A very merry Christmas to you and yours from all of us. Hope you get that Chocolate Train you asked Santa for…

The TATP Selection Box – Part 3

Its time to remember those less fortunate than ourselves at Christmas – those poor, old podcasts who only get to be loved every cba03 December – and you can help. Simply send no money and listen to these three shows, starting with the third of Ben Baker and Tim Worthington‘s “Cult Bin Advent” programmes in which they discuss the things that have a distinct Christmassy feel without having that much to do with the season itself.

This episode deals with Advent Music (That Isn’t Actually Advent Music) in which you’ll learn about the cows agriculture forgot, when Brian Wilson was right, Martin Green and the rise of “Moogs Funks Breaks”, why “Heroes and Villains” was nearly an utter disaster, where the Family Ness were when John Cale was recording “Paris 1919″ (or halfway through The One Show), Glam Goose, The Adventures Of Don Quick, Lou Reed’s approach to etiquette, what Dave Lee Travis tapped his hairy feet to and and who or what ‘Eurofashion ’68′ might or might not have been…


The following year added the true spirit of festivity Phil Catterall to the chaotic Christmas countdown that was “Why Wont Yule”. This third show saw your audio pals putting up the decorations and tree like any normal person, watching ‘pre-Christmas limbo’ daytime TV and waiting for even the slightest bit of specially placed tinsel or baubles on Rob Curling‘s majestic “Turnabout”. WWY03


You’ll also find out which of us actually went carol singing and which of us always awaited delivery of a Christmas Hamper (read = a box with some corned beef in). Plus such standard diversions as a giant robot ant, a statistical breakdown of American vs. British sitcom characters’ retrieval of decorations, how hampers are apparently like an autopsy, why a Chocolate Orange is essential to Phil‘s family Christmas tree traditions and a lot more to boot… Jason, stop messing with that ”If You See God, Tell Him” playset and go help yer father get the cyber-decorations out of the eLoft!


Tim’s decade-decimating highlights of all things sparkling with “Christmas In The 80s”, a mix of music, comedy, TV and other misc clips for a certain generation in which it was all about late-night comedy and hints of slightly more interesting music poking through the all-pervading pop but still gets dewey eyed at a BBC1 Christmas Day rundown from 1985…. 


And here’s Tim with a more detailed look at the contents… “Starting with the legendary 1985 Telly Addicts Christmas Special in which reigning champions The Pains took on the Michael Grade-fronted ‘Aches’ its then onto the opening theme from state-of-the-art BBC children’s drama The Box Of Delights, The Housemartins performing an impromptu Christmas greeting to listeners at the end of a Peel Session version of Heaven Help Us All, Holly Johnson‘s phone-in contribution to the b-side of Do They Know It’s Christmas?, and from 1989, the unfairly maligned reworking of Do They Know It’s Christmas? by Band Aid II, which may not have worn well but is still infinitely more listenable than the dreary Band Aid 20.

The Terrajerks I call them...

Then there’s a bit of the Terrahawks special A Christmas Miracle, ‘Neil’ introducing the ‘Christmas Ripoff Mix’ of his flop second single My White Bicycle, and Band Aid II escapee Jason Donovan with his really rather good Christmas single When You Come Back To Me, with Roland Rat proffering greetings from his BBC debuting Yuletide Binge, and a bit of Dormobile-related seasonal angst from the Christmas Special of Ever Decreasing Circles. EVERYTHING EVER REDACTEDJohn Peel, from his famed Other Christmas Records show, introduces The Waitresses with Christmas Wrapping, and a couple of extracts from a Blue Peter behind-the-scenes feature on the Grange Hill Christmas Special where someone tried to steal the school disco, Mel Smith & Griff Rhys Jones Home Made Xmas Video, and the oft-censored bit of Blackadder’s Christmas Carol. Then there’s a Woolworths ad, sadly in place of the Christmas ’82 (CHECKITOUT!) Today’s Tesco one, which I couldn’t find anywhere. I’m just off to the Zavvi! Meanwhile, Comic Strip Presents… spinoff heavy metal spoof Bad News turn in their one musically listenable moment with Cashing In On Christmas, followed by EastEnders (when it was good)’s celebrated ‘Happy Christmas, Ange’ ratings-topping shenanigans, XTC‘s frustratingly overlooked Thanks For Christmas, and an inexplicable ‘Psychedelic Christmas’ greeting recorded by XTC frontman Andy Partridge for his label’s seasonal promo CD. Shakin’ StevensMerry Christmas Everyone comes accompanied by a ‘Bad Girl Warning’, as there’s a bit of the Christmas Special of notorious bad behaviour blame-target Educating Marmalade over the top, and it’s followed by a hefty chunk of Radio 4′s commercial radio parody Radio Active, complete with Phil Pope‘s oddly-worded Wizzard parody Thank Christ It Isn’t Christmas Every Day, and its explanation-averse lyric “skin Roland Rat alive and shout hooray”. Aztec Camera‘s Walk Out To Winter and Alan Ayckbourn’s BBC2 play Season’s Greetings add an Observer reader-slanted touch to proceedings, and the Quality Street ‘All The Fun Of The Share’ ad adds all the flavours you don’t much care for but which are the only ones left in the tin. Mel Smith and Kim Wilde do their bit for Comic Relief with Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree – in the little heard longer and indeed Griff-heavy version – followed by a bit of its ‘recording studio hijinks’ b-side Deck The Bloomin’ Halls over the top of Jona Lewie‘s Stop The Cavalry.

spitting-image-santa-claus-is-on-the-dole-1986-3 Spitting Image‘s controversial Chicken Song follow-up Santa Claus Is On The Dole is up next, followed by New Kids On The Block with Merry Merry Christmas, and late-night ‘computer generated’ pop show host Max Headroom‘s work of demented genius Merry Christmas Santa Claus (You’re A Lovely Guy), with a bit of encouragement from Channel 4′s charade-playing Christmas trailer robots. Then there’s an outro from a )Telly Addicts Christmas Special, ‘Dinners’ McCartney‘s incomprehensible phoned-in contribution to the b-side of Do They Know It’s Christmas, and French And Saunders and Raw Sex demonstrating the correct way to do a Festive version of your theme tune. And, thankfully, no room for Jive Bunny…”

Not pictured: cricket bat

So if you like all this nonsense, consider giving us the greatest gift – no, not an end to suffering and decay – I’ve got six already and they’re just cluttering up the shed – but a nice review and rating on iTunes *here* so other fellow festive types with excellent taste in podcast fun might find their way to TATP. Merry Even More Nearly A Bit More Christmas!